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I’m Sarah

Thank you for finding me – I have been on the same journey as you and I am here to help you along your path and wherever your journey takes you – I have been there and I understand

Our thoughts make our beliefs and our beliefs make us, we decide our own reality as our mind takes our thoughts and beliefs and does makes it happen for us what it thinks we want.

I understand now that our thoughts make our beliefs and our beliefs make us. We decide our own reality as our mind takes our thoughts and will always do what it thinks we want – the problem is due to our thoughts and beliefs created at a young age we are giving mixed signals which can prevent what we desire most.

Sarah Collison


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RTT® is accredited with the following professional bodies:

Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists

International Association of Counselors & Therapists

International Hypnosis Federation

International Institute for Complementary Therapists

General Hypnotherapy Register

a s c h
Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists

New Zealand Association of Professional Hypnotherapists Inc.

An Introduction to RTT®

Take a look at this incredible video that demonstrates the effectiveness of RTT® when utilized as a therapeutic tool.

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RTT® is a rigorous, award-winning approach to therapy.

Many top level companies have used RTT® to improve workplace performance by removing the limiting beliefs of their employees (whether around issues of confidence, public speaking, motivation, decision making, self-esteem, money blocks). These companies include:

Support for RTT

RTT® has won many awards and is endorsed by many international bodies, including:

Support for RTT

and many more…

RTT® and Marisa Peer have won no less than 17 Stevie Awards. These are awards given by the American Business Awards Association, to recognize the outstanding accomplishments and contributions of companies and business people worldwide.

Super Boost You

Thanks to Sarah, I not only conquered my fear of the vital operation but also gained a profound understanding of the power of my own mind. I am now on the path to recovery, filled with gratitude for the transformation Sarah and RTT® has brought to my life.


Today, I am a different person, thanks to Sarah and RTT®. My back pain is virtually non-existent, and I approach my work and life with confidence and self-belief. I would not have thought it possible if I had not experienced it for myself.


If you're struggling with health issues or looking to enhance your self-care journey, I totally recommend Sarah and RTT®. It's a powerful and effective therapy that has the potential to bring about positive changes in your life, just as it did in mine. Thank you, Sarah, for giving me my health and self-care back!


Live Your Best Life

Sarah Collison

When you have lost your focus and what you want is just not happening for you right now it is so easy to spiral downwards and lose your faith that what you want can be yours.

To help restore your belief that good things can come to you, I have put together a Positivity Meditation to help lift you and give you belief.

Start your journey with me now to see what we could achieve together!

Super Boost You

Superboost You

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